March 05, 2010

The sound of one cricket chirping

Glenn Greenwald, who has an annoying habit of being overwhelmingly right about practically everything, today takes on the apparent decision by the "Obama Administration" to reverse course and try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a military tribunal, presumably in a court room built just for such marsupial proceedings in Cooobah. While the volte-face is not a great surprise at this point, Mr. Greenwald criticizes President Zero in rather unsparing language:

If, in the face of "GOP demands" that Mohamed be denied a civilian trial, he again reverses himself -- this time on the highest-profile civil liberties decision of his administration -- he will unmistakably reveal himself, even to his most enamored admirers, as someone so utterly devoid not only of principle but also of resolve: you just blow on him a little and he falls down and shatters into little pieces.

Harsh, Dude. You're talking about an international rock star here. But I should rise to the challenge Greenwald poses, to Mr. Obama's "most enamored admirers," and not just dance around the actual, specific criticism by being all coy and snarky and everything. But first a little mood sound while I think:

Okay, I admit I got nothing. Mr. Greenwald also wants us to remember that the Democrats were totally up in arms when Karl Rove "interfered" with the august and sacred processes of the Department of Justice when Bush was in office, and yet here the reversal of Eric Holder's initial decision to try KSM in New York City is clearly a political calculation also coming from the White House, and more specifically from that cynical macher Rahm Emanuel, who just does not want to do anything, anything at all, that will disrupt his ongoing courtship of the Mighty Lindsey Graham for purposes of getting the "funding" for closing Guantanamo.

To that I say...well, cue the cricket again if you like.

It might be easier just to engage in a little ad hominem response to Mr. Greenwald himself. For example, he lives in Brazil now. He's an American citizen, but he lives down there somewhere, maybe in Rio. It's pretty easy to mount these broadsides from down there, I bet, but if I travel 150 miles north, south, or east, I will be in the heart of Tea Party country. (150 miles west puts me in the heart of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and that's a nonstarter.) So I'm judicious in my criticisms. Circumspect, objective. Frankly, I'm getting used to the idea that the Bill of Rights, such as it was, was kind of a pinko-semi-Commie list of narcissistic self-indulgences. There is no way the American people would ever approve such a list now, by popular vote, if only because there's a very slight abridgement of the right to carry fully-automatic weapons into the local bar & grill. I mean, you could read the 2nd Amendment that way, if you were so inclined (if you were "Far Left," in other words).

So rail on, Mr. Greenwald, from the safety of Ipanema. Here in the trenches, we know better than to give fair trials, or whatever, to terrorists. No telling what might happen, but one thing for sure that will happen is that Liz Cheney will say nasty things about whoever it is that permits such a thing. How would you like to deal with that, Glenn? Who needs the tsuras? So slurp your mojito and watch the thongs sway by. We'll handle Ol' Mastermind alright.

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    There are a LOT of crickets chirping around Washington D.C. right now. Have been for awhile.

    I think I need to send theCRICKETtoy® to every congressman in D.C.

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