June 07, 2011

In Re: Representative Anthony Weiner

My only comment on this non-issue:

Dear Representative Weiner:

I hope you do not resign your position because of this Twitter nonsense. It's typical of the mainstream media and other politicians to get all worked up about something like "sexting" while the thousands of crimes emanating from Wall Street because of the financial crisis go unprosecuted, or even investigated, and the nation is embroiled in three unnecessary wars we can't afford so that war profiteers can keep syphoning off federal money. You have been a sane voice on all these issues, and on the inadequacies of the Obama health care plan as well, and we need you. I am willing to grant you the right to a private life if the government will respect mine.



  1. hammerud4:55 PM

    As a Christian I see all of us (me included) as fallen beings. I see no reason to believe that because we now know there are faults in Anthony Weiner's private live, we should assume that he would show nobler character when it came to issues of government. That is why it matters, even though it may only matter temporarily. With human nature being what it is, a person of low character eventually would end up in a position of influence, if not control. The reason every political and social system eventually degenerates is because every system is comprised of faulty people. As one person said, "no combination of rotten eggs makes a good omelet." It seems like we have been finding more and more rotten eggs in our omelet. Ultimately, my personal hope for mankind does not reside with mankind. If it did, I would be really discouraged.

  2. Machipongo John6:06 PM

    It was incredibly stupid of Weiner to put himself in the position of providing slime for the use of a scumbag like Andrew Breitbart. But now that he has, it is impossible to let Breitbart win. Weiner must stay in office no matter what.