April 14, 2013

Guest Post: Rob Urie on Obama's Latest Sell-Out

Whenever I see a Rob Urie post on Counterpunch, I hasten to read it.  Mr. Urie is described as an "artist and political economist," an interesting combination that seems to produce lapidary prose and brilliant insight.  He is much better than I have been about explaining how it all fits together economically, but then composition is the essence of art.  He addresses such questions as why, precisely, Barack Obama, for example, is so utterly "Hopeless (TM)" as a liberal leader and little more than a clueless stooge of Wall Street lobbyists.  If you read enough of Rob Urie, you might give up your tendency to post Facebook pleas to Mr. Obama "to do the right thing."  He is never going to do the right thing, and it doesn't matter if he's given a third term.  With that, I turn the floor over to Mr. Urie.  His analyses are dense and intellectual, and presented often at a high level of abstraction, but I think it's all there: a true comprehensive overview in the manner of the great social theorists.


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